30th March 2017 - Week 1 Aukland MTC

Said my goodbyes to Mum, Dad and my brother Dan at Heathrow airport on Tuesday....

So I arrived at the New Zealand Missionary Training Centre (MTC) on Thursday 23rd March after around 38 hours of constant travelling from my home, safe and well!   I almost missed the flight from LA, but got there in time in the end..

It's really nice here and everyone is friendly. It was raining and still warmer than the UK and then it cleared up quickly and was a beautiful sunny day.

I have my badge... SO cool. It's feeling real now.

This week has been crazy hectic and I am having the best time. I love it. It's been such a spiritual time and my District (the Nephi district) is amazing.
Whenever we sing a hymn our voices all meld together beautifully. We are even doing several musical items while here, with one of my companions (Elder Porio) and I doing a duet. I'venever sung with such an awesome group of Elders!  We literally walk down the hall with our hymnbooks out and singing loads of different hymns with harmonies.

We went to the temple yesterday - it's huge inside. I never knew that the rooms could be so large in there. It was awesome.

I have learned so much and just last night I reflected on how much we have all changed since being here for the last week.  It feels like I have known all of the Elders here for a lifetime and we are all best friends already.
I love it here; President and sister Howes are so loving and caring. I feel like I am still with family, such is the love that is shown to me.

There are insects here called Cicadas and they are incredibly noisy, I mean, REALLY loud. Thankfully I am so tired when I go to bed, they don't stop me sleeping at all.

Here is my zone:

I'm so easy to spot, being the 2nd from the left, 3rd row up. I need to get a tan!

This is my awesome district:

My first week has been incredible. I am so blessed and I am having the best time ever. I have never prayed so much, so often and with such intensity, I am having spiritual experiences, growing closer to my Saviour and feel the Spirit testifying of the truth to me.

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